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Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
. and jackie i do not see the water. >> we believe that is up on the hill and you can see their residual a fax from this with the month, the water. we believe that those residual-impacting above the hill, the water. around 4:30 daly city received a robb call that there was major water. what we are seeing is that there could be a potential water storage facility that could be impacted. if the facility busted or a pipe from it. that is what we're trying to determine hopefully in the next 30 minutes the public information officer is expected to come out and give us more information. what we do know is that the water, the mod amount was sole intense that a-mont this m ud...was so intense that it impacted cars. you see the amount with the evacuations were poured in place.were part p and i know that will tran is on his way to the hillside park neighborhood. >> what i am trying to envision is that if it is a large water tank. could it be more water? >> you can see that this is mud a tremendous amount that has come down from somewhere we believe there is a water storage facility at the top of th
Nov 25, 2012 1:30pm PST
project done? jackie spear a strong advocate for this project. you have three great champions, and i will also tell you that in working with senator boxer on the transportation bill this project was always at the top of her list. [applause] so i am delighted to be here. i don't know of another place i would rather be, and i know that all of you are so thrilled with the opportunity that this will create. every one of you sitting out there deserves credit. you've all played a role in this in some way or another. this is not about you. it's about the people. it's also about the next generation of transportation for the next generation for san francisco. that's what this is about. this is your vision. it's a clear vision, and so i am delighted, and very proud to announce today $942 million to the san francisco -- [applause] for the san francisco mta to extend the central subway light rail system from the downtown business district to chinatown. thousands of people will be enabled with good transportation as a result of this project. now, i have a long speech here but i'm going to stop be
Nov 22, 2012 9:30am PST
. >> photographer jackie, is thankful she has añ head of hea. >> the video of her hair on fire went viral. meet her. >> meet the hair dress sneer and angry turkey is pacing outside her house. >> he's a watchdog turkey. >> beware if you cross him. it's thanksgivin'ñÑ#or the holidays. ♪ uh-oh oh, it's thanksgiving >> we've also got the thursday buzz word to win a new ipad, plus afá pumpkin pie eaten backward and the perfect mix if your relatives are driving you to drink. >> th lookspy xdthanksgiving. >> it's thanksgiving day, guys. we're thankful for all sorts of things. photographer jackie, is thankful she still has head of hair. i think you remember this story. it was burned in our memory. here's jackie at the beautiful wedding of murray and emma and she's snapping away and got too close to a candle and her hair went on fire. goes off screen, one of the groomsmen comes to help. everybody in the wedding seems to have a good chuckle about this. jackie is a total trooper. she kept shooting. we had a lot of questions when we first learned about this story. we have jackie joining us "right this min
Nov 1, 2012 12:30pm PDT
. thank you very much mayor lee, leader pelosi, jackie spear, david chiu. most importantly i think the finest secretary of transportation we have had, and nancy said what he has done for san francisco. i can tell you this is a secretary for california as well. [applause] whether it's riverside county, whether it's los angeles, whether it's the central valley, whether it's the san francisco bay area secretary lahood has been responsible. he's been available for phone calls. he's listened to the reasons for projects and he has moved ahead. would you give him a big round of applause please. [applause] >> well, it's time to say a prayer. it's bottom of the ninth. they have two on and one out, so everybody -- if the giants win this i think they can win the series but they need to win this so let it happen please. i can't tell you how important i feel this project is. i also can't tell you how hard it is to build anything in san francisco, so this project must move ahead. i think commerce depends on it and i think people depend on it. nancy said it very well but let me just say what the ride
Nov 2, 2012 6:00am PDT
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: hello tv land. happy friday. jacki, i'm a girl explain about the new unemployment numbers. [♪ "world news tonight" theme ♪] >> the jobs report for october looks pretty good. 171,000 jobs were added last month. and that's more than analysts anticipated. but the unemployment ticked up to 7.9%. it is still under 8% and according to the "washington post," it says more people started looking for work, so that's why the number went up the government only counts people as unemployed if they are actively searching. >> stephanie: that's right. >> this jobs report is all good too. they revised the numbers from august to september, and we added 84,000 nor jobs than expected. >> yay! rush limbaugh says chris christie is fat. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: okay. here is jacki schechner with the news. >> as we're going to wait for official reaction we get a statement from the white house and then we'll hear the president speak. both mitt romney and obama, he is going to start in ohio today, and spending the day in ohio. romney will go to wisconsin first and then
Nov 27, 2012 6:00am PST
little estrogen in the clubhouse. ♪ ♪ >> hi, jackie schechner. >> good morning. my athlete, my warrior my legend. >> stop that night now. >> you didn't get up this early to compromise. >> if someone yelled at me like that during a class, i would walk right out. if you're heart isn't exploding you're not doing well enough. you paid money for that? wow! >> five times a week, too. >> i don't get that at all. obsessive? >> no, seven she said five times a week. >> and i said obsessive much? >> i would do it eight days a week if i could. jackie, i needed some estrogen in the fort. how about the fox news website just as odious as the news channel. i'll set it up, jackie wrote a great piece. in an editorial social critic, is that like a social liaison only somehow -- suzanne benker makes bold claims, like paul ryan and his ideas for the budget bold, courageous and horribly wrong. regarding the state of marriage. >> which is almost ago logical as the war on christmas. >> argues that women's emerging roles as breadwinners have caused them to become irritable and unappealing so called mar
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
. >> thanks, jackie. 4:30 now. millions of people along the eastern seaboard still without power after super storm sandy. >> a small percentage of them in the area. pepco, literally a couple dozen. they hope to get everybody back online tonight. b.g.e. about 6300 outages in maryland this morning. >> we are seeing small signs of progress in new york and new jersey but still so much work ahead. >> the nation's largest public transit system will begin rolling again this morning, but with limited service. some tunnels and stations remain flood and power is still out in much of downtown. but the lights began to turn back on in some areas near wall street. still, subways won't run yet through the city's financial district. mayor bloomberg announced only vehicles with three or more occupants will be allowed to enter manhattan between 6:00 a.m. and midnight. snuge struggling to recover. -- new jersey is struggling to recover. they are working to clear streets clogged by sand and debris. gas leaks and the aparent shortage of gas crews to help shut down ruptured lines. >> where are all of these
Nov 13, 2012 7:00am PST
with water & mud. jackie sissel these homes and cars are there any injuries? >> there are no injuries. you can see there have been neighborhood is trying to figure out what happened. the mud, the water that rushed down. aunt of break happened up there. if that is where-that water main- break happened up there-here is video from earlier. what we do know is a run for:a 30 the leaked c to run 430 -they started running down a run 4:30 and 80 homes were evacuated. -eight homes-were evacuated. perhaps the hillside behind it could cause a landslide. 40 people have been evacuated and it is impacting four square city blocks and 100 residents are without water. we got a chance to talk to the north county fire district spokesperson. he spoke about this, earlier. >> that is what we are going is to determine and assess the safety of the damage. in the hillside. there's no immediate threat. we wanted to get people to evacuate it did. just to keep them out of the area. >> what we are being told is that the water is being shot off and you can see the amount of mud. this is not even the worst
Nov 17, 2012 6:00pm PST
, larry layton, was a faithful follower of jones. he worried congressional aide jackie speier. >> the only thing that was really bothering me was that all of a sudden larry layton had decided that he was a defector and you just have a gut instinct. you have just intuition. >> jackie speier, seen here, got people moving toward this plane, a 19-seat otter. that's jerry parks walking with his wife. tracy parks and her brother dale got on the smaller plane. so did larry layton and vern gosney. >> the pilot started the plane and we were taxiing and we were coming down the runway to take off, and then the tractor trailer with the assassins cut in front of our plane. >> this is that tractor and farm wagon. >> and that's when i heard the shooting and i looked out the window and i said, they're killing everyone, they're killing everyone. i turned, and that's when larry shot me once in each side. >> larry layton, the false defector. at the same time, these gunmen leaped from that farm wagon as it pulled up near the larger plane. the nbc cameraman taking this footage was shot dead. >> i really didn't
Nov 29, 2012 6:00am PST
brought you jackie. it's an early holiday gift. >> i haven't seen you since i lived in dc. >> i live in dc. >> that's how we met. >> he talks about how dc is bereft. all i have to say is neener, we have your jacki. jacki schechner in the newsroom. what are you doing for lunch today? well at 12:30 eastern time the president will sit down with mitt romney. there will be no press in attendance. he's meeting with the 12 nobel prize winners at 12:15 but then a post election niceties. there is no agenda. the white house spokesman said the president would wouldn't mind talking to mitt romney about ways to make the government more efficient. the president is will be meeting with paul tonko in the fiscal cliff negotiations. the man who had a tattoo on his face for the election removed. the r now stands for the man who was running for election but also the man who is a sore loser. >>> it's been four years since hillary clinton ran for president, but she's still carrying $70,000 in campaign debt. secretary of state mrs. clinton is not allowed to do any campaigning for herself so it is up to her
Nov 1, 2012 6:00am PDT
turkey basters. >> stephanie: stop it. >> jacki schechner not in the current news center, but right there. >> we have 6 million homes without power, long lines at gas stations, and president obama is staying on top of all of the storm recovery efforts but facing the reality that we have an election. >> stephanie: i think his surrogates like chris christie are doing a good job. >> right. as if his plate is not full enough, the president is going to stay in touch with fema. last week, big endorsement from colin powell, now the obama campaign is using the four-star general in an ad airing in ten states. oh -- >> housing is starting to pick up. the president saved the auto industry, and the actions he has taken with respect to protecting us -- >> we'll get it together. also the october jobs report expected to come out tomorrow and it is going to do so on time. the government was shut down for a couple of days because of sandy, but unemployment rate should stay around 7.8%. we'll be right back. only time you can get to a polling place. make sure that voting is your highest priority on el
Nov 16, 2012 6:00am PST
. happy friday. >> happy happy lewis black is here. >> stephanie: jacki schechner, we need a full-on jacki's corner. the douche nozzle of the day. >> it seems that we have a new one every day. >> stephanie: he's going to charge a surcharge. rick scott is getting with getting getting with the program, the florida governor. he must have found a way to scam it to make money for him. we'll talk about all the latest with jacki healthcare corner in addition. >> that's the plan. >> stephanie: because she's the spokes model healthcare geek. >> good morning everybody. happy friday. it's busy day for general david petraeus who is testifying at this hour in closed door meetings. what comes out of that is up to the committee members and what they want to share with you. lawmakers want to know why there wasn't tighter security in benghazi when it was attacked on september 11th, they are also looking for initial explanation to the attack and why it was relateed to an anti-muslim movie rather than a pre-planned act of terror. there are talking poison but u.n. ambassador susan rice. there were notes
Nov 17, 2012 8:00pm EST
captive. his legal aide jackie speier who made the trip with ryan was worried about ryan's own safety. >> i placed his will, which i had custody of, in my top desk drawer. >> reverend jim jones was worried some of his followers might try to leave. he warned the members. >> see if you can make it to any railway. see if you can get to any passport. try. i dare you to try. you don't know who you're talking to. just because i don't use the language of the turks, i am that which they call god. >> that audiotape, like many others, was found later in the radio room of jonestown, recovered by the fbi. >> i will see you in the grave, many of you. >> by now jones was deep into drugs himself. an autopsy would show so much bar bituate abuse it should have killed him. church member verne gosney. >> i do know what a person sounds like when they are very impaired from either drugs or alcohol, and he was. at one point he actually needed help walking. >> the day before congressman ryan arrived, jones said this. >> i've been wanting to shoot someone like him in the ass so bad for so long, i'm not passi
Nov 15, 2012 12:35am PST
when you were doing the "rush hour." >> yeah. oh, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: with jackie chan. [ cheers and applause ] >> yeah, jackie. >> jimmy: jackie's a good man. >> jackie love to play, man. he called me collect from hong kong all the time and i say, man, who going to pay for this? [ laughter ] >> jimmy: yeah, don't call me collect. >> i can't play with you. i pay for it all. i pay for it all. >> jimmy: i'm on my irs tour. what're you doing man. >> i know man. >> jimmy: come on jackie. yeah, you just did "karate kid" man. come on man, at least pay for this one. but is there going to be a "rush hour 4." >> you know, we're talking about it and we want to do it. me and jackie want to do it so we'll see what the studio says. >> jimmy: you've got to do it. come on. >> we want to do it. [ cheers and applause ] write to warner brothers and tell warner brothers do it. >> jimmy: you're a giant warner brothers. >> pay the money warner brothers. >> jimmy: warner brothers, yeah. and then -- broke over $800 million the first three. >> it did a lot. it did a lot. >> jimmy: a lot of people gettin
Nov 20, 2012 6:00am PST
[♪ theme music ♪] >> stephanie: oh chris that jacki schechner is just a teasy little news maker. >> i know. >> stephanie: right. she sent me this tidbit first thing in the morning. >> yeah, i went to click on a link on twitter and i was devastated. >> stephanie: we are addicted to this thing now. all right. and we have to do jacki's health care corner about the exchanges -- >> and stuff. >> stephanie: yeah. >> sure. >> stephanie: in the meantime -- well, for me it will be killing time for her it will be doing the news. >> oh. >> that's not very nice to jacki. >> yeah tell everyone to go get a snack. >> stephanie: go get a snack. and then there will be really good gossip. here she is jacki schechner. >> i'm mad at you now. good morning. president obama is cambodia today attending summit meetings but his attention is divided as violence continuing to rage in the middle east. the president has been working the phones and speaking with israel prime minister and egyptian president. hilary clinton had been traveling with the president, but now she is on her way to the region. she will
Nov 7, 2012 6:00am PST
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: woot, woot. everybody, woot. by the way jacki schechner do you know what jim ward had the nerve to say? i told you it was in the bag. [ laughter ] >> little wednesday morning quarterbacking? >> stephanie: i've been over here happy clapping my ass off for a year. >> you're not allowed an "i told you so" after something like this. >> stephanie: what a night huh? >> unbelievable. it was a nail-biter for awhile. >> stephanie: yeah. trust me about that. yeah hello. [farting noise] >> stephanie: that went on for hours. we'll have jacki after the top here because we have to talk about what happened on fox news. [ laughter ] >> it was a funeral over there. >> stephanie: anybody tune in? oh, it was a thing of beauty. >> i think karl needs to move to a facility of some kind. >> stephanie: it is all too much fun. to kick things off here she is, jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. if a picture is worth 1,000 words, then the following photo is worth 1,000 words band a quarter of a million retweets. that shot is now the most retw
Nov 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
jacky is laughing. it amazes me though when -- it's 11:24. when you hear a guy, we love you! we couldn't have done it without you! we love northern california! let's get out of here so we don't have to pay state tax. within 24 hours! [ laughter ] >> i was doing some minor complaining. a lot of schools have to readjust their halloween parties. even my kids. so you do the thing, and then these guys, no, if we waited till thursday, these guys would have all left town. >> well, not necessarily! >> okay, so they just lied to me. that's why they do it! these guys have to -- not have to, but in their defense, you've been working for 6 month, you're keyed up, you want to go home. and they make good salaries. want pay state tax another day? get the hell out of here! >> it doesn't work like that! [ laughter ] >> but it's the principle of the thing. i would prefer that you see them in the offseason. now? get without out! [ laughter ] >> thanks for coming, fans, glad it took you three hours to wait for the muni. now goodbye! >>> norv surrounded we negativity. the chargers game with -- oh, c
Nov 3, 2012 6:30pm EDT
news. now, it's up to you. covering the week jackie comes of the "new york times." john harwood of cnbc and the "new york times" and amy walter of abc news. >> award-winning reporting and analysis, covering history as it happens. live from our nation's capital, this is "washington week" with gwen ifill. produced in association with national journal. corporate funding is provided by -- >> we know why we're here. to connect our forces to what they need when they need it. >> to help troops see danger before it sees them. >> to answer the call of the brave and bring them safely home. >> around the globe, the people of boeing are working together to support and protect all who serve. >> that's why we're here. >> this rock has never stood still. since 1875 we've been there for our clients through good times and bad. when their needs changed, we were there to meet them. through the years from insurance to investment management from real estate to retirement solutions. new ideas for the financial challenges ahead. >> this rock has never stood still. and that's one thing that will never cha
Nov 10, 2012 9:30pm CST
tomorrow, right, jim? >> that's right, jackie. in fact, we may even get a little rain and snow mix before the next system pulls out of the area. i'll have details and the full forecast still ahead. >> ok jim. also ahead tonight a local effort is underway to bring aid to people on the east coast still dealing with the aftermath of two powerful storms. >> and better late than never. florida weighs in on the presidential election. [ male announcer ] this is steve. he loves risk. but whether he's climbing everest scuba diving the great barrier reef with sharks or jumping into the market, he goes with people he trusts which is why he trades with a company that doesn't nickel and dime him with hidden fees. so he can worry about other things, like what the market is doing and being ready, no matter what happens, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense, from td ameritrade. we got a real mom and the family car to do an experiment. we put a week of her family's smelly stuff all in at once to prove that febreze car vent clips could eliminate the odor. then we brought her family to
Nov 21, 2012 5:00pm PST
está consternada es jackie garrido q estuvo con él en "mira quien baila", cuéntanos. >> así es, buenas tardes a las dos, amigos, muy buenas tardes y la primera vez que lo conozco, fue en "mira quien baila", donde puertorriqueña siempre estuve orgullosa de él, y me di cuenta de lo grande que fue en el boxeo, él siempre estaba con su hijo y me demostró que siempre llevaba un niño dentro de sí, es un ser humano completamente humilde, acá estamos viendo, imágenes y el reportaje de su última entrevista, queríamos hacer algo diferente, de demostrar la nueva vida, su nueva alimentación, las cosas que estaba haciendo luego de dejar el boxeo, me dijo, yo no he vuelto al ring, también conocí a su madre, exhorto a todos para pedir que oren, no es fácil esto, oraciones para él y su familia, sabemos que la fe mueve montañas, sabemos q es una persona sumamente fuerte, y tenemos muchas fe, que él va a sobrepasar esto, para mí he conocido un ser humano impresionante, lleva un niño dentro de él y solo bastaba conocerlo para saber lo grande que es macho camacho y desde acá e
Nov 1, 2012 4:30am PDT
trading, we turn to jackie deangeles live at cnbc headquarters. good morning, jackie. >> reporter: good morning, laura. well, the fewer is pretty much flat this morning. after the markets resumed trading yesterday following that two-day shutdown due to monday's superstorm. stocks closed down as the insurers weighed on the market. concerns about loss estimates from the storm. trading, though, did go off without too many hitches. one market maker, knight capital, lost power but was able to reroute its customers. all in all, the dow, nasdaq and s&p 500 fell in october snapping a four-month win streak. today we'll get tubs of economic data on jobs, manufacturing, consumer confidence, construction, spending and also productivity. the dow losing ten points to close at 13,096. the nasdaq slipping ten points to 2,977. back over to you. >> thank you very much, jackie. >>> the time is 4:46. christina loren is back in to talk about some weather. are you recovered from yesterday's festivities? >> slowly but surely. i'm still kind of taking it all in. >> i told her this show is getting in the way of
Nov 8, 2012 2:00pm EST
photographer, based in south africa was at a beautiful wedding. jackie is getting that shot. she's right in position. she's smiling. >> she's gorgeous. >> you're seeing what she's thinking. i've got this. i've got this. >> things get hot for jackie rather quick. >> is her hair on fire? >> yes, her hair is on fire. >> how did that happen? >> she got too close to one of the candles and you can see the beautiful red hair blazing from the fire. the video is from beyond measure production taking this video. she's like, what, i'm in your way? what, my hair is on fire? one of the groomsmen comes to the rescue. listen to this. [ laughter ] >> everybody is laughing. why are they laughing? >> we saw the video on jackie's log. she says that even she kept laughing and just kept on shooting throughout the ceremony. she said her hair did need a trim after this. the bride did have sort of a stepford smile on the whole time. ha, nothing going on at my wedding. >> not only do you want a good photographer but this one is on fire!. a harrowing evening for an oregon man. take a look at these first images from
Nov 7, 2012 4:30am PST
into another recession. >> the markets are reacting to the election in a very big way. jackie deangelis is live with a look at how futures are trading this morning. good morning, jackie. >> good morning. the futures have turned sharply lower after being higher earlier this morning and of course in the red last night as many of those election returns were coming in. the asian markets were flat to slightly higher overnight. european markets seeing some green today. we did see stocks rally on tuesday. a notion that the uncertainty over the elections would be over soon is what drove the dow yesterday. the nasdaq was up 12, closing at 3011. the question, how does wall street typically trade after an election? since 1900, if the dow closes up on the day after the election, the market moves higher. 54% of the time over the next four years. if the dow closes down on the day after the election, the market moves lower 73% of the time over the next four years. so of course a lot of market participants are going to be watching today to see if we set the tone going forward. back over to yo
Nov 16, 2012 11:00pm EST
motorists. jackie benson in palmer park with more. jackie? >> reporter: both officers are african-american. they were offduty when they participated inhe video at the request of a local actor/comedian. it was supposed to be funny. but prince george's county police chief, mark mcgall was not amused. >> depicted a traffic stop, prince george's county police car, pulls up behind the vehicle. two individuals, both african-american men, dressed in uniforms, exit thecruiser, approach the vehicle, being driven by an african-american male. there is -- demeaning language, racial slurs. >> even the chief described the video using a popular phrase. >> i believe it was a spoof on driving while black, depicts officers and community in a terrible light and just unacceptable. >> officials say a county police cruiser is also seen in the video, the insignias on the vehicles and uniforms are blurred. head of the fraternal order of police, union that represents officers appeared by the chief's side. >> we're concerned about some of the content contained, inappropriate. shouldn't have taken place, sh
Nov 14, 2012 4:00pm EST
. >> [ inaudible ]. >> that was tony reporting. news4's jackie bensen is also tracking this story for us today and spoke to people who were inside that walmart store. we'll hear from them coming up tonight on news4 at 5:00. >>> cell phone video of a fight between a student and an mta bus driver in baltimore is making the rounds on youtube. the maryland transit administration says the driver in this video was removed from service pending an investigation. the video does not show what triggered the fight but the person who posted the video said the fight started when the driver told the teen to turn down her music. police are interviewing witnesses. the mta said in situations like this drivers are expected to call a supervisor. >>> calm day outdoors weatherwise. let's take a live look out there. another cold one, though. will this trend continue. >> veronica johnson knows, and tells us. hey, veronica. >> yeah, we sure layered up today. let's just say, you're going to be needing that coat, even the gloves for the next couple of days. behind me, the morning temperatures. how we started the d
Nov 11, 2012 11:00am EST
aftermath. joining us in that conversation, peter backer, correspondent for "the new york times." jackie kucinich, reporter for u.s. today and fred francis, founder of so the drama, mel low drama of the election night, fox news has projected obama has won ohio, with it another four years, and with it comes an objection from a fox news panel, the most prominent of the fox news commentator. >> you've about got to be careful about calling things when you have 991 votes separating the two candidates. even if they have made it on the basis of select precincts, i'd be very cautious about intruding into the process. >> well, folks -- >> thanks. >> so maybe not so fast. >> thanks. thanks a lot. thank you. great to have you guys here. >> that's awkward. >> that's awkward says megan kelly. so when karl rove says that as obviously wrong as it turns out, does it seem to you that he's speaking as a guy with an independent judgment or a guy who's acting as a republican party surrogate? >> that's the issue. awkward. awkward long before election night when networks have people on their pr
Nov 14, 2012 7:00am PST
there, thank you. jackie spear working so hard with other members of our caucus, loretta sanchez to protect women in the military. [ applause ] we are so very, very proud of the chair of the democratic national committee debbie wasserman schultz who is here. [ applause ] i could go around here and talk about the leadership, certainly susan davis, women in the military, has been her issue for a long time. but in any event, the point is that if america is going to reach its full fulfillment as a nation, we must have the further empower. of women. women in the military, if we want to be at our strongest we must give women every opportunity in the women to hold every job so that they can one day attain the top job. if we want women in business, how could it be that their fortune 500 and fewer ceos -- if we want our economy to flourish and grow, we must lift up women's leadership in our economy. very important. women in the academic world, women in health care, any subject you can name is more wholesome, more successful, more efficient with the involvement of women. and so women came to
Nov 19, 2012 7:00am PST
. jackie, the president is reach ing out to the ceos here, and has he learned that you can't huddle in washington in a bubble anymore and there has to be outreach and that is why he met with the business leaders before, and labor leaders and he made that call yesterday that we were talking about, and you put that all together and anymore that he can do here? >> well, the outside pressure does help and people are flooding the congressmen with calls and not going unnoticed. the biggest unknown variable here is what the republican conference is going to do and whether boehner can rally the guys to get them on board. that is the biggest question here, because no matter what they decide among the leaders, they have to get it past the house and the senate. >> and you know, there is also compromise idea being floated around right now to keep the rates the same, but eliminate the deductions for the rich. nancy pelosi making her position on that very, very clear. take a listen to this. >> is that something that is acceptable? >> no. >> nott all, no way? >> no, the president made it very clear i
Nov 15, 2012 6:00am PST
[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> hello tv land. okay, jacki schechner, i have a confession bff. i'm addicted to this whole petraeus scandal. [ world news music ] >> i thought i knew all the latest. >> i was excited when they revealed the name of the fbi agent involved. >> whose that? >> his name is fred something. >> he's a bald gentlemen. >> the shirtless? >> yes. >> they say it was a joke. when you send family photos between families, who knows. >> sure. >> because everything in this scandal makes a tremendous amount of sense. >> jill kelley, she tried to negotiate a $80 million south korean coal deal and asked for an $80 million fee. it fell apart at that incident. >> i don't see the problem. >> perhaps you didn't see my diplomatic immunity card. jacki schechner. >> good morning. president obama is going to travel to new york for the day to assess the damage, thank first responders and follow up with victims of the aftermath of the super storm sandy. and then he's going to watch the movie "lincoln." it's a nice break between press conference and meeting with business leaders in the white
Nov 13, 2012 6:00am PST
inappropriate e-mails from jacki schechner to keep away from general petraeus. i'm gay. >> he's just irresistible. >> i guess if you're attracted to that. >> didn't we discuss that yesterday. >> we discussed there was a third person because you don't wear contact lenses. >> there is getting to be too much for me. i can't understand it. >> that's why we're going to explain it. >> it's scorpio. >> and she has crazy eyes. >> that sounds like a scientific explanation if i every heard one one. >> here she is. my little bff. >> the best comment i had heard so far. general petraeus is shaping up to be the best in his own sex scandal. another investigation of general john allen allegedly exchanged 20 to 30,000 e-mails with jill kelly, the married woman who reportedly kicked off the investigation of general petraeus. the general joseph dunford is in line to succeed him and leon pi net at a has askedp. >> joy: netta has asked them to now we now know they met back in harvard in 2006. she wrote a biography but their affair did not allegedly start until september of 2011 after he took over at the
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